Monthly Archives: December 2020

Our Special Christmas Pizzas Are Here!

Proper Pizza ham and turkey special pizzas for Christmas

It’s that time of year again when we start to think about all things holiday! You might be putting up your tree, gathering presents for loved ones, and starting to tick off your list of classic Christmas movies! Another massive part of the festive season? FOOD! Most Christmas gatherings revolve around a table full of […]

What Makes Pizza the Best Beach Picnic Food? 🤔🍕

A proper pizza box and two Heineken cans placed on a blue and white striped sunchair on a beach.

What Makes Pizza the Best Beach Picnic Food? 🤔 🍕 Things are heating up in Auckland and we‘re prepping for a busy Summer ahead! While we know our customers love to dine in at our lovely establishment, as soon as the sun starts shining, everyone would rather be outdoors enjoying Auckland’s fine beaches. Well, we […]

New to Our Menu: Sweet & Savoury Focaccia Bread!

Freshly baked Focaccia displayed on a wooden plate

New to Our Menu: Sweet and Savoury Focaccia Bread! The invention of Focaccia bread dates back almost two thousand years ago in Northern Italy. This age-old recipe has survived generations and is still as delicious as its first creation. From its beginnings, Focaccia bread fast became a staple in the Italian home and in turn […]