Auckland’s Biggest Round Pizza: When & Why to Dive into Our 60cm Pie

Birthday parties, corporate events, nights on the couch with Netflix and a yearning for lots of delicious pizza—these are all prime opportunities to buy one of the coolest dishes Proper Pizza is known for: our sixty-centimetre pizza!

Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better, but ours is anyway! It’s the biggest round pizza available in Auckland, and we’re proud to offer it to anyone looking for a bigger slice of the action. Make no mistake, the quality of this pizza never dips below the Proper Pizza standard, and we don’t trade size for flavour.

A Sizeable Taste – How Big is Sixty Centimetres?

We offer four different pizza sizes, all measured in centimetres—20, 30, 40, and 60 is our largest. For the spatially challenged—trust us, you are not alone. The idea of a round pizza with a diameter of 0.6 metres can be a little difficult to picture. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Here are some things that our large pizza dwarfs:
The wingspan of the world’s largest butterfly (it’s actually twice the size).
The length of Mjölnir, Thor’s trusty hammer.
A regulation school ruler (once again, twice as big).
The height of a 60s bouffant (eat your heart out, Hairspray).
The stump of an average pine tree.
Two little blue penguins standing on top of each other in a trench coat.
Our pizza is definitely not as adorable as that last one, but to be fair, very few things are.

To Bite or Not to Bite – When Should You Try this Pizza?

But when, you might be asking, would anyone order such a monstrosity of a pizza? This gargantuan slice of heaven is not for the faint of heart if ordered for one or two, but for many at a time it couldn’t be more perfect. We got together and brainstormed a few scenarios that call for a pizza with the potential to draw nearby objects into its orbit.

1. The Post-Breakup Pig Out

We’ve all been there. You gave that idiot your heart, and they stomped on it, all because they just can’t see how great you are. Well too bad for them, because now you have a pizza with its own gravitational field, and they can’t have any.
Now, just Order a pizza online, whack your favourite feel-good show on Netflix, and begin the healing process with delicious cheese and a crunchy crust as your guides.

2. The “I Dunno, What Do You Want to Eat?” Scenario

Perhaps no question has been caused more heated arguments in recorded human history than the dreaded “what should we eat tonight?” conversation. Cut this crisis off before it instigates World War III by gathering your pals for a couple of beers and a sixty-centimetre pizza!

3. The Substitute Birthday Cake

Consider this scenario: your friend’s birthday is coming up, and you’ve got the most epic party since Woodstock all planned for their special day. You’re setting up and patting yourself on the back for your efforts when you realise something devastating: you have no cake.

In all your preparations, you forgot a crucial piece of the birthday tradition! It’s 8pm, most bakeries are closed, and you’d rather die than settle for a supermarket cake. You look around the room seeking an answer, and your eyes land on the fridge, where your salvation lies in the form of a brochure: Proper Pizza!

Your friend the pizza lover receives a ridiculously large pizza with their favourite toppings, candles dotted throughout the melted cheese, and the birthday goes off like Coachella on steroids. Success.

No one’s ever mad at a huge pizza, and that’s why we make it.

For all your pizza needs, get in touch with the team at Proper Pizza. We make some of the best pizza in Auckland in almost every size imaginable, and we’re open until 4am every night. What’s not to love? Order today!

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