Building Team Morale with Gourmet Pizza

The humble pizza is part of many social traditions around the world. Families hold pizza nights as a chance to bond over some cheesy goodness, and friends gather for a slice or two while catching up. It’s a food synonymous with fun, relaxation and good times. At Proper Pizza, we believe the joy gourmet pizza brings should be spread far and wide, including at businesses and workplaces!
Let’s be honest, work can get stressful! Having a regular pizza event for your team is a fun tradition that will have positive effects long after the last slice has been finished. Here are the top five benefits of bringing a pizza tradition into your workplace!

1. It’s a great team building opportunity

Team building is such an important part of a successful company. The more comfortable and connected your team is, the better work life will be! Enjoying some pizzas as a team every once in a while is a great team building activity that everyone is sure to love.
For even more fun, combine pizza and games at your next team building event! A round of trivia or charades will get everyone laughing and working together, making for a more cohesive team.

2. It fosters resilience

When there is a strong connection and trust between team members, it is much easier to get through difficult periods at work. Keeping up a fun tradition such as a work pizza night cultivates a strong team spirit ready to weather any storms ahead.

3. It improves company culture

A good company culture is high on the list for many job searchers. People want to feel valued at work, and letting the team unwind and enjoy a few slices of delicious pizza together shows that all the hard work put in is appreciated. It’s a nice little way to say thanks that won’t go unnoticed!

4. It boosts morale in tough times

Times have been tough lately. While pizza won’t solve every problem, enjoying a gourmet pizza with your team can help to boost morale and take people’s minds off things for a little while. Making time to relax will reduce stress and leave everyone feeling better for the days ahead!

5. It’s something everyone can enjoy

The best thing about making pizza the star of your workplace events is that it’s something everyone will love! Have a colleague who needs a vegan pizza? Dairy-free pizza? Gluten-free pizza? Whatever the requirements, at Proper Pizza we can cater to all dietary needs. This means you can have an inclusive gathering where no one feels left out, and everyone can enjoy the benefits of pizza!

Start your workplace pizza tradition with Proper Pizza

Whether you need one-off pizza catering for parties at the office, or want to establish a weekly or monthly pizza treat for your team, Proper Pizza has you covered! We can deliver piping-hot, delicious pizzas straight to your workplace, so minimal effort is needed for a team building event that will leave everyone smiling!

Order online or give us a call to start bringing the joy of pizza to your company today!

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