Classic Pizza Scenes from Movies and Television Shows


Naturally, everybody loves pizza, so it’s no surprise that it’s popped up on our silver screens in some iconic scenes. Let’s look at some of our favourite pizza moments from television and movies.

Eat Pray Love

In Julia Robert’s quest for balance and self-love in Eat Pray Love, she and her friend Sofi find themselves in a pivotal moment of the film deciding whether to consume the perfectly cheesy pizza that lies before them. Roberts embarks on a mini monologue, which has served as somewhat of an inspiration for women, where she explains that women should be able to eat when and whatever they want.

This slice of pizza Sofi holds in her hands represents more than just a delicious bite, now it is a symbol of women taking back control of their bodies and wearing their curves with pride. In the final part of the scene, Sofi takes a satisfying bite of the pizza, breaking free from calorie counting and negative body image.

Home Alone

Everyone who grew up in the 90’s remembers Home Alone and child actor Macaulay Culkin fondly. Culkin plays a very cheeky yet resourceful kid called Kevin McCallister, who is left at home one Christmas when his family goes on vacation to Paris and accidentally leaves without him.

While Kevin is hungry and alone, he devises a plan to order a pizza from his local pizzeria Little Nero’s, using clips from an old gangster movie to conceal his youth and venerability. What ensues in this scene is nothing but comedy gold. A teenage delivery boy happens to be the victim of this prank and finds himself at Kevin McCallister’s door talking to what he thinks is a grumpy and violent man but is simply the recordings of a movie. The scene ends with gunshot sounds exploding from the house as the delivery boy flips backward over a bin and speeds away in his car.

Kevin opens the door, picks up his steaming hot pizza, and says, “A lovely cheese pizza just for me”. We salute you, Kevin. You got to do what you got to do for some delicious pizza!

The Net

In the 1995 film, The Net, fans were stunned as actor Sandra Bullock orders a large pizza online from her computer. While this may seem completely normal to any reader today, the internet was still a relatively new invention when this film was released. Certainly, no one could order pizza online at the time. Thank god, things have changed. If there is one thing we’re thankful for, it’s pizza delivery straight to your door!

Breaking Bad

The character of Walter White and the television series Breaking Bad captivated the world. Upon its release in 2008, it seemed there wasn’t a person left who wasn’t hooked by the fascinating story.

Of course, all the big fans remember the pizza scene from season 3 episode 2 when Walter attempts to patch things up with his wife Skyler using a large gourmet pepperoni pizza as a peace offering. When Skyler refuses to let Walt into the house, Walt manages to launch this massive pizza on top of the roof in retaliation.

In preparation for the pizza-slinging scene, twenty pizzas were bought as props, but amazingly actor Bryan Cranston made the shot on his first try. This iconic scene became such a fan favourite that people today travel to Albuquerque to throw pizzas on the roof. Sounds like a waste of a good pizza to us!

Pixar Movies

Pixar movies are known for their hidden references and nods to past and future films. You may or may not have noticed, but there’s a symbolic ode to pizza, which spans the entire Pixar movie franchise in all movies (except The Incredibles). This symbol is the Pizza Planet Truck—a yellow, slightly worn out, and rusting vehicle. Whether it is driving erratically on the road in Toy Story or on a witch’s woodcarving in Brave, pizza has infiltrated onto our screens even without us knowing!

Hungry for some pizza?

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