Five Ways Pizza Catering Makes Party Planning Easier

If you’ve ever tried to plan a party and survived, then you know how important it is to find the right caterer for the job. Now, we know pizza catering for parties can fly under the radar, and we think it’s high time this injustice is remedied. There are so many reasons to choose pizza as your event’s main course!

Instead of battling with the ups and downs of formal caterers, the humble pizza spread makes it simple for you to offer something for everyone, and the process won’t make you want to pull your hair out. In this blog, we’re going to touch on just five of the reasons you should entertain this possibility (and we think they’re pretty convincing).

Check out our top five ways pizza catering makes party planning easier.

1. Day or Night, Pizza’s Just Right

Consider the humble pizza. Eaten for lunch or dinner (and even breakfast, we don’t judge), this beautiful creation is the ideal food for any time of day. If you’re holding a long event, there’s no need to fuss with finding the “right” lunch dish, nor is there a need to sit for hours crafting a convoluted dinner menu.

Just order a selection of pizza and you’re away, no matter the time of day.

2. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough for Pizza

Planning a party on the slopes? Scuba diving birthday jam? Trekking deep into the bush for an au-naturale anniversary extravaganza?

No matter what kind of party you’re hosting (and no matter where), pizza is a fantastic go-to. It’s easy to transport, easy to eat, and there’s no clean up to hinder the festivities. You don’t even need plates to eat it because—as we all know—pizza is best eaten with nothing but two hands and your wits.

3. On the Clock? Pizza to the Rescue

Whether your previous caterer has spontaneously fallen through or you just forgot that you’d need food at your party until five minutes before it began, pizza will be your rescuer. We at Proper Pizza put our delicious creations together quickly (it comes from years of practice), so you can have your guests chowing down quickly with minimal stress on your part.

4. Pizza Comes to You

Not to mention, you don’t even have to move from your party’s venue! You can stick around and mingle with your guests while your food is being prepared, and we’ll deliver it straight to you. Keep the party going and your guests happy while you wait for the food to arrive.

When the pizza arrives, you don’t have to do any setup, which makes your job as a party planner even easier. Just find a table, flip open the boxes, lay them out, and let your guests have at it.

5. Pizza Suits Taste Buds Far and Wide

Finally, one of the biggest issues party planners have—whether they’re professionals or one-off maestros—is finding a meal option that suits everyone. Varying tastes, diets, and food sensitivities are all guaranteed to make the process of catering a nightmare… unless you use pizza.

There’s health pizza, vegan pizza, dairy-free pizza, halal pizza, and we have the classics on our menu too! From good old pepperoni to a dairy-free black truffle delight, you’ll never stress about feeding friends or family with dietary restrictions again.

And really, who’s mad at a slice of pizza? If there’s someone out there who doesn’t like it, we haven’t met them yet.

Make your next party, function, or event delicious. Choose Proper Pizza catering.

We make the catering process simple! Just enquire online or complete an order and we’ll call you back to make sure we’ve got everything sorted. For any orders over $200, we’ll happily deliver the pizza to you for free anywhere in Auckland!

So, get munching! Proper Pizza is at the ready. Enquire or order in today.

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