An In-Depth Look at Pizza Around the World

Pizza! Such a glorious creation that it’s no wonder most cultures around the world have their own version—various toppings combined in creative, mouth-watering ways from Japan to Poland. Come on a gourmet pizza journey with us, starting off with some classics, before venturing into the more obscure offerings out there.

Italy: Neapolitan

A Margherita pizza on a plate with cutlery and a drink.
With Italy being the birthplace of pizza, it would be wrong not to start with their beloved Neapolitan. The original version simply consists of a delicious dough with fresh tomato base and olive oil. Add some basil and fresh mozzarella and you have a Neapolitan Margherita, or add garlic and herbs for Neapolitan Marinara. The result is a fresh delight that lets the tomato shine. Naples takes its pizza so seriously that they even have an association which certifies pizzerias around the world. Talk about dedication!

America: New York Style

A restaurant counter with different types of pizza on it.

While Italy may have invented pizza, Italian-American immigrants may be responsible for its explosion in popularity. Pizza is one of the most loved foods in the US, and New York style pizza is arguably the most famous. Known for its large, wide slices and crispy crust, the pizza is topped with tomato sauce and laden with mozzarella cheese. A wide range of toppings can be found on top of the cheese, but pepperoni is a fan favourite. Part of the fun of this style is folding it up and devouring it on the go. If you do end up in the city looking for a slice, be careful not to utter the words “vegan pizza” as this might land you some stern looks; the cheesy greasiness is relished by New Yorkers.

Japan: Okonomiyaki

A close-up image of Okonomiyaki being cooked on a grill.

Walking the line between pancake and pizza, anything goes on this dish, with its name literally translating to “what you like”. Some regions mix toppings into the crepe like batter and pop it on the grill, while others cook the base separately and layer the extras over top. Shredded cabbage or spring onion are go-to additions along with egg, pork and noodles. Finished with a special sauce, Okonomiyaki is a tasty and unique pizza adaption.

Lebanon: Manakish

Four types of pizza being cooked by a fire.
Pizza for breakfast may be frowned upon in some cultures, but this Middle Eastern version is a staple morning snack! The delicious spice mix za’atar is spread over small rounds of pizza dough and baked in the oven, with some people adding cheese too. Light and flavourful, it sounds like the ideal way to start the day.

Poland: Zapiekanka

A close-up image of Zapiekanka on brown paper wrapping.
This take on pizza is one of Poland’s most popular fast foods. No time for pizza dough? Zapiekanka uses a baguette sliced in half for its base. Original toppings include mushrooms and cheese, but this has expanded to include different meats, olives, and even the controversial pineapple! Served with tomato ketchup, this pizza-sandwich hybrid is enjoyed by many after a night out.

New Zealand: Black Truffle Pizza

A truffle pizza on a round wooden board.
Here at Proper Pizza Auckland, our thin crust pizzas feature handmade dough and quality locally-sourced and imported ingredients. We love to delight our customers with exciting flavours, like our Black Truffle Pizza. It’s a cheese lover’s dream, with four different cheeses used to complement the rich truffle flavour.

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