Keys to the Perfect Crust

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Dough 101: Keys to the Perfect Crust

Have you made many homemade pizza attempts, but can’t get your crust to turn out like the pros? You’re in luck, as today we are sharing our pizza crust secrets! Read on to learn some top tips for making gourmet pizza with a perfect crust every time!

1. Use the right flour

The perfect crust starts with the perfect dough! At Proper Pizza, we use double OO flour, but if you can’t get your hands on this, we recommend a good quality bread flour. The key here is that these flours are finely milled while still containing enough gluten to get a good crust, unlike pastry flours which are not ideal for your dough, as they will give a cake-like texture.

Another tip is to measure your flour correctly! Most pros swear by using scales rather than a measuring cup to get the quantities right. This is an advanced tip but something to think about if you want to get your dough to a professional standard.

2. Pick your preferred crust style

To get your crust right, you need to know which style you are going for in the first place. Some prefer a thin crust like those found on a Neapolitan or New York-style pizza, while others go for a thick crust such as a deep-dish. Rolling out your base to the right thickness before cooking is going to help avoid disappointment when your supposedly thin crust comes out way too thick or vice versa.

3. Don’t over roll

While pizza chefs twirling dough above their heads in a trance-like flow may seem dramatic, there is a method to their madness. Using your hands to stretch out a pizza base rather than a rolling pin stops the air from being pressed out of the dough. This means a lighter, crispier crust. The technique may not be for everyone, so if you choose to use a pin make sure you avoid pressing too hard on the dough to keep it light.

4. Get the temperature & timing right

Sometimes all it takes to get a good crust is leaving your pizza in the oven for long enough to get it nice and golden. It’s also important to cook your pizza at a hot enough temperature so the dough cooks through. You should be aiming for 250 degrees celsius to achieve a delicious crust without obliterating your toppings!

5. Don’t go topping crazy

Approach topping placement with caution! If you overload your pizza with toppings, it can weigh down the dough while it cooks, leading to a disappointing base. The same goes for sauce; if you use a watery tomato base it can stop your crust from crisping. Use a quality tomato sauce and leave enough of the edge without sauce so it can get extra crispy!

Get Your Pizza from The Experts

You can always put the flour away and reach for the phone instead! Give us a call to order delicious gourmet pizza, or use our handy online ordering form. We can cater to every pizza lover’s needs with the vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free pizzas available on our menu!

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