Love’s in the Air: Moments That Call for Heart-Shaped Pizza

Your typical gourmet pizza is already nothing to scoff at, but some occasions call for something a little extra—occasions that walk the line between a casual night in with your favourite pizza and a huge accomplishment that deserves some full-on celebration. What better way to elevate these occasions that with a heart-shaped pizza base?
Here are some of the best times you could switch up your circular pizza base and opt for its heart-shaped counterpart. After all, 🍕 + ❤️ = 💯!

A Chill Date-Night In

They say it’s the little things that sustain a relationship, and we happen to agree. Doing small things every day to keep the spark alive is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship, and that could be anything! Letting them pick the movie, making them tea when they get home, or—if they’re a lover of pizza—ordering their favourite pizza in the shape of a heart for your chilled-out date night.
It’s a delightful little surprise that will easily put a smile on their face, all for the cost of a pizza. Easy, but effective!

Showing Yourself Some Love

You might be in a relationship, or you might not be. That doesn’t matter, because everyone deserves to show themselves some love once in a while! Go that extra mile on a self-care evening and treat yourself like the gift to humanity you are.
Whack on a face mask (skincare is for everyone), pour a glass of your favourite beverage, play your favourite movie and settle in for the evening. And of course, top it all off with something that says “I love myself”—a heart-shaped pizza with all of your ideal toppings.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Your Single Mates

There’s no point spending Valentine’s Day alone if you’ve got mates to share it with. After all, the holiday is about celebrating the love we have in our lives, and love isn’t just for romantic relationships—you love your friends too!
Get all of your single mates together on Valentine’s Day and share the love around. Pick up some of the best pizza in Auckland and gather around the table together. Tell everyone in your friend group what you love about them, have a great day filled with all of your group’s favourite activities, and don’t judge your self-worth based on whether you’ve got a romantic partner or not. You’re awesome, no matter what!

Gift it To a Pizza-Loving Parent

Whether it’s Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday dinner, or you just want to acknowledge them for everything they’ve done, we all know that parents are notoriously hard to shop for. Many-a-child has confronted store after store and come out empty-handed, having almost bought a pear-scented candle but putting it down at the last minute. “What to get?” we all ask ourselves.
The answer? A heart-shaped pizza and a letter. Most parents just want to be acknowledged and shown some genuine love and gratitude, and pizza-loving parents especially will appreciate a slice of cheesy goodness.
So, what are you waiting for?

Hit up Proper Pizza and grab a heart-shaped base today.

Express your love with one of our heart-shaped bases today! Simply call in to order, or use our online ordering system and choose the “heart-shaped” option, and get it delivered straight to your door from Proper Pizza.

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