Pizza Catering: Every Party is a Pizza Party

Any pizza parlour worth its salt does pizza catering for parties, because what’s better than one pizza? Many pizzas, of course.

We offer an amazing catering service, making it as easy as possible for you to head online and order as many pizzas as you need ahead of time. In fact, for any order over $200, we’ll take care of the delivery anywhere across Auckland.

So, if you’re planning an event and you’re stuck on the food, trust us on this one. Plying your guests with pizza is the best way to make them walk away with smiles on their faces.

Why choose pizza catering for parties?

The first rule of catering an event is to know what your guests like. When you’re ordering, keep this golden rule in mind: always provide a variety of options, or someone is going to walk away hungry.

In a world where dietary restrictions are becoming ever more prolific, its crucial to have options that anyone can enjoy. Rather than wrestling with a menu to get it to spit out a vegan option that isn’t just “rice”, why not just go with pizza? Pizza is a great food to cater with, because there’s a variety of options for any diet!

Vegan? No problem, try dairy free cheese on a healthy pizza. Vegetarian? Who doesn’t love a mushroom truffle pizza? Carnivorous? All pepperoni, all the time. The price point is lower, the versatility is exceptional, and let’s face it: everyone loves pizza.

Every party is a pizza party

At this point, you may already be convinced and you’re building a menu in your head right now. Or, you’re in the other camp, the one that needs a little more convincing.

Let’s say you’re a manager, and you’re looking to turn a Friday afternoon into a hang-out for co-workers to unwind before the weekend. You certainly aren’t going to be cooking for everyone yourself, and catering with an entire menu wouldn’t fit the casual vibe, so what are you to do? We’ll give you one guess!

Or maybe you’re organising your friend’s birthday party, and you know that their vegan friends are coming, but their friends from the gym (the ones hopped up on protein) are coming too.

Our point is, you really can’t go wrong with a food specifically invented for its versatility, taste, and convenience. Every party can be a pizza party, trust us on that one!

Get your catering sorted with the team at Proper Pizza

We take our pizzas all over Auckland, offering gourmet pizza delivery to businesses, parties, and homes alike. Get your catering taken care of as quickly and simply as possible and indulge in a slice (or five) of Auckland’s favourite pizza today. Hit us up in our catering enquiries now!

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