The Science of Pizza & Alcohol: Why They Work Together

Pizza and alcohol; a match made in heaven, that many weekends revolve around. What is it about the cheesy, crusty goodness of gourmet pizza that makes a glass of the good stuff necessary? We delve into why this combination works so well and offer some pairing ideas so you can be the pizza and drinks expert at your next pizza party.

Pizza and Alcohol Explained

Why do most people reach for a beer or glass of wine when enjoying a delicious pizza? For some, it may be that their pizza indulgence is steeped in tradition. Often this tradition is having Friday night pizza to wind down from a hard week of work, and to enjoy the good things in life; cheese and sweet, sweet pizza dough! What else helps people wind down? A glass of red or a fresh brew of course! Combining pizza and your drink of choice is an awesome way to say cheers to the weekend!

For others, it comes down to the taste sensation that occurs when pizza and alcohol come together. A fresh, crisp wine can cut through the creaminess of a cheesy pizza, the same way a dark beer can complement a tomato heavy pizza by balancing the acidity. Pizza is also a wise choice for a night out as it will soak up some of the alcohol as you drink so you don’t get tipsy too quickly. Make your night last with pizza on your side!

The Best Pizza and Alcohol Pairings

Here are some recommendations for the best drinks to pair with our gourmet pizza menu!

1. Margherita & Pale Ale

Our Margherita Pizza features our signature blend of cheese including mozzarella as well as cream cheese. This pizza goes great with a Pale Ale as the subtle, light tones let you fully appreciate the cheese flavour. The crispness of a Pale Ale also balances the cheesiness to keep you coming back for another slice!

2. Black Truffle Pizza & Pinot Noir

Our Black Truffle Pizza features a white sauce and the all-important truffles! Since this pizza doesn’t have the usual tomato base, you don’t need to be as careful about balancing acidity and can go for a full-bodied red such as a Pinot Noir! This drop will also elevate the rich truffle flavour.

3. Mediterranean Seafood & White Wine

Seafood and white wine are a classic combo. The shrimps on our Mediterranean Seafood Pizza need a delicate pairing such as a pinot grigio in order to shine. The light, fruity notes of this wine will complement the pizza perfectly and make you feel like you’re on a beachside holiday wherever you are!

4. Blue Vein Garlic Chicken Pizza & Stout

Stout beer is the perfect companion to our popular Blue Vein Garlic Chicken Pizza. The intense flavour of blue vein cheese will stand its ground against the dark tones in a stout. The two work to complement each other as the creaminess of the cheese contrasts with the strong beer.

Get your pizza and drinks fix at Proper Pizza

At Proper Pizza, we have a range of pizzas on offer and the drinks to match! Our pizzas all feature handmade dough and our own unique cheese blend. We can cater to your dietary needs with gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan pizza options on offer!

Head into one of our branches for a fun night of pizza with friends, or order online and we can deliver straight to your door! Order Proper Pizza today to try the best pizza in Auckland!

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