Why Pizza is the Best Comfort Food

Why Pizza is the Best Comfort Food

Pizza offers endless combinations of flavours and toppings to satisfy your every desire. It’s a globally recognised dish that has been adapted to suit the palettes of many different cultures. Depending on where you go, you will find a range of unique toppings and styles offered in the region to accompany local tastes. The satisfaction and comfort of eating pizza are like nothing else, but why is it that pizza is such a comforting food? We narrowed it down to five key reasons, which we explore below.

1. Ingredient Combinations

The endless possibilities of sweet and savoury (or even both) flavours should already be enough to make pizza the best comfort food! Although not everyone may want pineapple on their pizza, the option to have it shows the flexibility pizza provides. Choosing your ideal vegetables and meats (opting for vegan pizzas is common, too) allows for the protein and essential nutrients our bodies need and the flavours our taste buds crave. Cheese provides calcium, as does vegan cheese or sometimes a speciality cheese if you can find one.

2. Gratification

The sensation of opening your pizza box and taking that first whiff of freshly baked pizza is simply unbeatable. Pizza is an incredibly satisfying food and it’s hard not to be compelled to grab one after a hard day’s work! The NY Post found that 38% of Americans polled saw pizza as something to look forward to. Especially in times of uncertainty, pizza can feel like a reward for pushing through the hardships. So, don’t feel guilty if you too see pizza as a reward for your hard work. Pizza is there to be enjoyed and provides gratification to people all around the world.

3. Your Pizza, Your Preference

Pizza is arguably the most customisable food in the world. Your crust can be thick, thin, or stuffed. Your pizza can be different sizes depending on how hungry you are. Spice it up with some chillies on top, or even go half and half if you can’t make up your mind! Then the question of which style of pizza. Italian style pizzas have an entirely different range of textures compared to the New Yorker style (don’t forget Chicago deep-dish, if you’re into that sort of thing). The options are endless, and all are there for your personal preference.

4. Share…or Don’t

When it comes to purchasing a pizza, you may be sharing with a mate which leads to compromise or, if you’re feeling ravenous, you might opt for one on your own. You and your mates can all buy your pizzas and then trade up a slice or two. Pizza can offer a great social experience with friends, family, or only you and your taste buds. It’s up to you whether you are feeling like sharing a few slices.

5. A Pizza for Every Occasion

Be it a family dinner, after-work platter, birthday party, or movie marathon, pizza is there for you. Ranging in quality and price, you can grab a cheaper pizza for the road, or dine in at a fancy restaurant and try a gourmet pizza. Both ends of the spectrum offer satisfaction in different forms. It’s up to you when and where you eat pizza, but it’s always available and appropriate.

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