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Auckland’s Wacky New Pizza Joint Offers Toppings Like Ice Cream and Marmite

Pizza purists will likely choke on their chewy wood-fired crust when they discover that Auckland’s newest pizza joint has a pie topped with yoghurt and strawberries. But then, Proper Pizza isn’t exactly trying to follow the Napoletana pizza rulebook; the company’s marketing spiel claims that it creates pizzas “that no New Zealander has ever seen […]


Proper Pizza on O’Connell Street is bringing together unique flavours inspired by the rich history, cuisine and delicious ingredients of Europe. Made fresh daily, Proper Pizza’s hand-kneaded doughs are tailored for a range of needs and tastes. A special tomato sauce forms the foundation, enriched with a mixture of exotic spices, delicious vegetables and produce, […]

If you’ve been scouring Auckland to find a superb thin-crust pizza, your search stops here

Pizza, though universally loved, can certainly be a divisive topic. Thin crust or thick? Neopolitan or new age? And last but not least: should fruit be allowed? Today’s definition of what makes a pizza ‘good’ remains largely unresolved but one name pushing the boundaries is a new O’Connell Street locale going by the authoritative name […]