Halal Pizzas on Our Menu Explained

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Everyone deserves the chance to order from a gourmet pizza menu, so we’ve made it a point to have halal options on ours! However, we realised that a lot of people don’t fully understand what “halal” really means, despite its relevance to the Muslim community and prevalent presence in many restaurant menus, so we’re going to break it down for the curious!

What does halal mean?

The word halal is Arabic, which means “permissible” in English. In the Qur’an (the holy book of the Islamic religion) the word is used to indicate things that are permissible or “okay” to consume, use or otherwise engage with. When it comes to food, halal food is food that can be eaten by people who follow the religious principles of Islam, i.e. Muslims.

Halal food usually means halal meat, and halal meat must be treated a certain way to gain this classification. According to their religion, Muslim people cannot eat pork at all because it is haram (forbidden). Meats like chicken, beef, lamb and even fish must be killed and processed in an acceptable way. According to the Islamic Council of Victoria, halal food is:

  1. Free from any component that Muslims are not allowed to eat, based on Shariah (Islamic law).
  2. Entirely processed and stored using machinery and equipment that has been blessed in accordance with Islamic law.

Our Halal Chicken Pizzas

So, if you eat halal and you’re looking to pick up a healthy pizza at any time of the day, Proper Pizza has got your back! We’ve got two delicious chicken pizzas on offer, both with their own unique twist on traditional flavours.

Blue Vein Garlic Chicken Pizza

This is a pizza that strikes the perfect balance between creaminess and a good bite of acidity. Starting off with the traditional Proper Pizza marinara and cheese for the base, we add our Halal-certified chicken, fresh garlic and ranch sauce. Just on its own, that would already be scrumptious, but we take it one step further with our star ingredients.

Shavings of smoky, earthy blue-vein cheese provide a grounding flavour to counter the creaminess of the ranch. To top it all off, a smattering of fresh cherry tomatoes creates a burst of sweetness and acidity whenever you take a bite. Altogether, this is the kind of pizza that you really can’t put down.

White Chicken Pizza

Just like all of our other pizzas, this one starts with the crunch of our signature sesame seed crust, topped with marinara and cheese. Then, we add Halal chicken, turkey, and some deliciously earthy mushrooms to create a perfectly rounded flavour palette. The best part? Our special sauce. This secret recipe is simultaneously creamy and tangy, melding with the base flavour profile of the rest of the pizza and making it perfectly balanced.

Before you know it, you’ll be looking down and your plate will be empty. That’s just Proper Pizza guarantee.

Looking for a delicious halal meal?

Look no further! Proper Pizza has got you covered with our range of delicious pizzas. Order pizza online, or come visit us in our store at almost any time of day (we’re open until 4am). Got any questions? Get in touch with us, we’re happy to help!

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