New to Our Menu: Sweet & Savoury Focaccia Bread!

Freshly baked Focaccia displayed on a wooden plate

New to Our Menu: Sweet and Savoury Focaccia Bread!

The invention of Focaccia bread dates back almost two thousand years ago in Northern Italy. This age-old recipe has survived generations and is still as delicious as its first creation.

From its beginnings, Focaccia bread fast became a staple in the Italian home and in turn is still deeply embedded in their food culture. Traditionally, it is made with flour, olive oil, water, yeast and salt. As the Roman Empire began to spread throughout Europe, so did their recipes! There is evidence that Focaccia was consumed all over Europe, in regions of France, Spain etc.

Today, Focaccia is seen all around on the world on the menu of most Italian restaurants. And here at Proper Pizza, we’re all about celebrating Italian food and culture and are beyond excited to share with you the new Focaccia breads that we have added to our menu.

Traditional Focaccia bread with salt ramekin

Are You a Sweet or a Savoury Person?

Since we opened our doors in 2002, we’ve made huge efforts to bring a taste of Europe to Auckland. Therefore, we feel our menu would not be complete without our own unique twist on Focaccia bread. To add to our glorious menu, we have added one sweet and one savoury bread!

Savoury Focaccia

Our new savoury bread is a baked to perfection and filled with three specially selected cheeses and topped off with garlic and olive oil. If you wish to personalise your Focaccia, you can choose any savoury ingredients from our menu. Some great flavour combinations include; cherry tomatoes, Parma ham and fresh baby rocket or fresh mushrooms, olives and salami.

Sweet Focaccia

Our new sweet Focaccia is sure to satisfy any sugar craving! We’ve kept our traditional bread recipe and sesame seed crust, but for something completely different, we’ve lathered the entire base with delicious Nutella. For toppings, you can choose from a selection of seasonal fruits. Some of these include; bananas, strawberries and kiwi fruit etc.
Proper Pizza’s new sweet Focaccia

Other Focaccia Variations

As well as our two new sweet and savoury breads, we have some equally delicious Focaccias already on the menu! If the traditional Focaccia bread is more your thing then you must try our “Freshly Baked Focaccia” with garlic, butter and sesame seeds, or our original “Cheese Focaccia” with crushed garlic and melted cheese.

We love to pair our Focaccia with Proper Pizza’s homemade soup. Choose between our “Pumpkin Soup” topped with roasted pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and chilli flakes or our “Tomato & Basil Soup” with a drizzle of sour cream and chives.

Freshly baked Cheese Focaccia displayed on a wooden plate

Get Yourself a Taste of Italia

To get your hands on our new Focaccias, order online here on our website or on Uber Eats. Or even better, come into see us in our location on 12/D O’Connell Street, Auckland, and see how tasty these Focaccia breads are for yourself! Prepare your taste buds!

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